Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane? No, It’s Santa! Preview Morrison & Mora’s Klaus And The Crying Snowman

by Olly MacNamee

I absolutely loved the original mini-series of Klaus by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora. A heart-warming festive story with amazing artwork to match, I still dig it out and read it every year as part of my geek-Christmas traditions.
I was over the moon when Boom! Studios released a one-off special last year, and happy that this is becoming an annual event. If you still haven’t discovered the wonders of this comic book, then maybe casting your eyes over the preview below will change your mind.

Warrior. Legend. Gift-giver. Klaus is many things to many people worldwide, but this year he is the defender of Earth, alongside a host of other wintery warriors, as a threat of galactic proportions invades the planet and endangers all humans, naughty and nice alike.

It’ll hit shelves December 12th, but I’ll be putting it to one side to read on Christmas Eve, under the tree with a warm cup of cocoa. Or, after stumbling in from the pub, which is probably more the truth.

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