5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail 6: “Ikusatsunagi”

by Sage Ashford

Fairy Tail has defeated the army of people behind Avatar, but there’s one more card left to play. The summoning of a god, Ikutsatsunagi! Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. This entire arc has turned into what happens when you power-level for the last boss in an RPG. Natsu finally reaches the leader of Avatar, and in any other situation this would mean trouble. But instead of struggling in the least, Natsu smacks away all of his attacks with ease. The leader finally tries erecting a barrier Natsu can’t easily break and attacking from behind it, but that barely lasts a minute before he shoulder tackles his way through it.
Plenty of people probably found this scene boring because there’s no struggle to it, but moments like this when kept rare are cathartic for me. The Sorting Algorithm of Evil should sometimes fall out of place, and an enemy should come along the heroes are too strong to be bothered by.

2. Anyway, Natsu knocks out the leader with a nice flame punch and their problems are supposed to be over. But Avatar’s ultimate trick still remains. The leader Doctor Doom’d his face as a sacrifice to summon Ikutsanagi, one of the Eighteen God’s of Yakuma.
Iku-chan starts things off by wrecking the members of Avatar, already exhausted by the thrashing they got from Fairy Tail. The leader reveals the plan was to sacrifice the faithful to Zeref all along, and the city was merely collateral damage. Now at this point, I had three thoughts: One, they totally deserve this for trying to kill people in one of the nicest world’s in anime. Over in Radiant they’re trying to burn kids at the stake. There are jerks in Fairy Tail, but they’re generally the bad guys. Everywhere else, even the regular people are horrible.
Two, hats off to them for creating the perfect enemy for Fairy Tail to go against on their return. This episode Avatar solidifies itself as a group that couldn’t care less about it’s people, while Fairy Tail places its comrades above all else. Lastly, Arlock clearly didn’t tell them they were going to be sacrificed too. Like most cult leaders, they don’t tell you what’s in the kool-aid, they just want you to guzzle it down. Hopefully it was at least in the fine print of their “mindless follower” contract.
Now last week, without having looked ahead, I said it’d be awesome if Natsu just beat their god with ease. I didn’t look ahead, I’m in the dark as everyone else, but it felt like the kind of absurd thing the return arc would do to cap off the return of Fairy Tail. Sure enough, Natsu runs up Ikutsanagi and literally obliterates it with a massive Fire Dragon Slayer attack, complete with an inspiring speech about the Power of Friendship.
Fairy Tail is about as straightforward an Shonen anime you’ll ever find, but it works because the characters are so likable. My only problem here is Iku-chan didn’t do very much. He swung his sword once and then acted like he was out of Action Points for the turn, so Natsu basically obliterated a Statue. Not the best look, but then if you’re watching FT it’s not for the animation budget. Anyhow with Iku-han down, all that’s left are a bunch of distraught, beaten down cultists who need somewhere to go.

3. Faster than Natsu could say “you’re going to jail now” , Gajeel arrives with the Council in tow…and literally no one believes he’s a cop. Which, of course they wouldn’t, he’s a born troublemaker. But then again, he’s also proven he’s something of a snitch, having worked for Fairy Tail against not one, but TWO other guilds.
In any case, Gajeel joined at the request of former FT member Warrod, mostly because he needed money to eat. The most relatable reason to do a job, though he still shouldn’t BE a cop, and he proves it within seconds by trying to arrest everyone for absurd things like having a nasty look in their eye, eating too much fish, and dressing sexy. It’s a good thing Natsu reformed the guild, because there’s no way Gajeel could’ve kept his job for much longer.

4. I could watch an entire OVA series about everyone cuddling cute, talking cats. With Avatar shut down (with authority), Natsu manages to successfully avert the dangers shown to him by the future version of Rogue, and keeps Rogue far, far away from Gray. At least, he thinks so, until Sting and Rogue arrive with their buddies Frosch and Lector in tow.
There’s a moment there where Gray confronts Frosch and things seem tense…but then Gray just grabs and hugs him, so the only thing Rogue seems in danger of is losing his cat to snuggles. Bonus points for sullen Erza because she doesn’t get a cat to cuddle. I guess this is kind of a flat ending to quiet the dark arc, one where a future version of Lucy was literally murdered and the world turned into a depressing hellscape, but the truth is that story line was wrapped up back during the Grand Magic Games three arcs ago.  It’s okay to have a happy ending, as its just closing the loop of the storyline–it’s Future Trunks going back to his timeline and stomping the androids.

5. Next Episode: With the Avatar storyline wrapped up properly, we’re staring down at the final arc in the series. So with one arc to go it’s about time to explain where Acnologia and Zeref came from.  Admittedly, this is superior to explaining their backstories while the hero is violently beating the crap out of them.
Fairy Tail is available for streaming on Funimation.

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