Big Mama Gives Big Revelations In Rise Of TMNT

by Tito W. James

As I stated in my first impressions of Rise of the TMNT the episode quality can vary wildly depending on its length. In episode 7, Bug Busters, we’re finally treated to another 22-minute plot-focused adventure.
The Turtles encounter a new villain named Big Mama who runs her own hotel full of Yokai. Japanese mythology nerds, like myself, will recognize that her design is loosely based on the Jorōgumo, a spider demon that disguises itself as a beautiful woman.

Big Mama reveals that the Yokai have lived secretly amongst humans for thousands of years. Baron Draxum makes his second appearance, announcing that he created the Ninja Turtles and that they were only a brief experiment in his larger goal to mutate all of humanity. Sharp-eyed viewers will notice Bebop and Rocksteady in Draxum’s vision of the future.
With the two opposing titans of Big Mama and Baron Draxum, the Turtles had better sharpen their ninja skills for their next encounter.

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