Deadpool Faces The Wrath Of Fred Savage In Once Upon A Deadpool Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Once Upon a Deadpool — the PG-13 remix of Deadpool 2 — seems like a silly idea. But this new trailer for the re-release, featuring Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Fred Savage, embraces the silliness by playing with their screen personas and the holiday season. It also has brand new jokes.

To be honest, I’ve ignored Once Upon a Deadpool because of just how cheap this all seems; even if a portion of ticket sales is going to F*ck Cancer. At the same time, this trailer is funnier than it has any right to be and suggests the film will poke fun at the underpinnings of re-releasing the film and its attempt to test a PG-13 Deadpool in the Disney/Fox future.
At least, I hope it jokes about those things. Deadpool’s meta humor is one of the best aspects of the character and the film franchise, and I’ll forgive Wade a lot as long as he puts a lampshade on it. Particularly if he does it literally.
Once Upon a Deadpool opens on December 12th.

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