Captain Ginger #2: Another Fun-Filled Issue From Ahoy Comics

by Olly MacNamee

There’s one thing I know for sure after reading the second issue of Ahoy Comics’ feline sci-fi saga, Captain Ginger, and it’s that this comic ain’t your average funny furry animal comic book, that’s for sure. Writer and cat-lover, Stuart Moore, has taken his writing cues directly from the behaviour of these genetically evolved cats as they continue on their mission through space in an adopted spaceship they’re still getting to grips with. And, in most cases, it can cause both comedy or potential catastrophe for the crew of The Indomitable.

After last issue’s takedown of Captain Ginger’s nearest rival, Sergeant Mittens, the latter has been demoted to litter tray duty, ordered about by Sergeant Buddy-Cat who may have sniffed his fair share of ammonia, and then some. That would account for his happy-go-lucky attitude and sense of humour, at least. Needless to say, Mittens isn’t too happy with his new role on the ship and can’t help feeling aggrieved against his captain. But, that’s not the ship’s biggest problem. No, that would be the exploding population that’s come about for a number of reasons, but a lot to do with cats only having 3 month pregnancies. And not a vet in sight to neuter any of them! This is a very real world problem in the feline community on board this once magnificent ship, which has itself fallen into disrepair, with evidence of rust and rot on display in every corner of this colossus.
Choosing to populate this sci-fi series with cats rather than humans, or even aliens, has resulted in a new take on an old favourite. Star Trek? If these cats aren’t too careful, it’ll be more of a start wreck in no time. And it’s thanks to June Brigman, and colourist Veronica Gandini, that the sense of overcrowding and a ship on the verge of redundancy, is so well realised. There are cats – feral or otherwise – around every corner and in every nook, crevice and cranny. No wonder the litter trays have to be cleaned out so regularly. It’s not only a well observed series, but it’s fun too, given the nature of the humour that often comes from the cats own behaviour, as well as their ignorance of human culture. When Mittens discovers a human toilet by accident, he still doesn’t have a clue what it is. Talk about lavatorial humour!

As this is an Ahoy Comics book, it also contains more content than your average $3.99 comic. This issue, we once again catch up with the Hashtag: Danger gang as Einstein Armstrong and Sugar Ray Huang battle it out with some cut-price magician while third team mate, Desiree Danger’s biggest challenge seem to be organising a Hashtag: Danger Dinner Dance, giving creators, writer Tom Peyer and artist Randy Elliott the chance to gently parody some of the more hokey Silver Age comic book conventions when Desiree tried to boost her IQ levels.

And there’s more too, with a humorously devised prose problem page written by Robert Jeschonek with accompanying illustrations by Jon Proctor, and an additional one page prose piece by Bryce Ingman with art by Michael Montenat. And even an interview with High Heavens’ Gregg Scott. All great additions too, rather than what feels like unnecessary padding, giving the reader a comic that will leave you smiling as you move through its varied treasures. It’s another fun-filled issue and in keeping with much of Ahoy Comics satirical, comedic output when you count it alongside the three other launch titles, The Wrong Earth, Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror and High Heaven. Comics can be so serious sometimes. Captain Ginger, and the other Ahoy Comics’ titles are a great pallet cleanser and a reminder that there is so much more out there on the shelves of your local comic book store.
Captain Ginger #2 is available now from Ahoy Comics.

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