Cutthroat Period Drama Shanghai Red Collected By Image This January

by Olly MacNamee

Eisner-nominated writer Christopher Sebela (High Crimes, Heartthrob, Crowded), Joshua Hixson (The Black Woods) and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Felix & Macabber) will release their blood-curdling high seas historical adventure series, Shanghai Red as a trade paperback this January from Image Comics.

Red is one of hundreds of people who were shanghaied out of Portland in the late 1800s. Drugged, kidnapped, and sold to a ship’s captain for $50, she woke up trapped on a boat headed out to sea—for years. Now, she’s coming home to find her family and track down the men responsible for stealing her life out from under her.

Here’s a taster of the cutthroat comic ahead of its release on January 30th from Image Comics for yer, landlubbers.

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