Image To Collect Keatinge And Blevins’s Sci-Fi Series Stellar This January

by Olly MacNamee

Image Comics is collecting the 6 issue sci-fi series, Stellar from writer Joseph Keatinge (Flavor, Glory) and artist Bret Blevins (Sleepwalker, New Mutants) and releasing it this coming January, so now is as good a time as any to remind you of the book and the great artwork too.

It’s a book we called “a dramatic space opera with a nod to the classics as well as the contemporary” with a healthy vibe of classic Metal Hurlant about it too, which isn’t a bad thing.

Taken as a child, Stellar was transformed into the ultimate weapon, one that would end an intergalactic war. She succeeded…at everything except finding peace. Now she’s a bounty hunter, scouring the worlds she’s broken in a search for redemption. But there are other weapons loose in the galaxy, and some just can’t leave the war behind them.

Stellar TPB is out January 16th, and in bookstores January 23rd.

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