The Battle To Save The Eternal Warrior From Ninja-K Turns Into A Melee In #13

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Ninja-K thought he killed the Dying One out of the Eternal Warrior’s body, but the Dying One is still there. Things aren’t looking good for Colin, and he calls for backup from MI-6. Neville won’t grant it until Ninja-K reveals the whereabouts of Livewire. Colin won’t give Amanda up, so he calls for a different escape route. In the meantime, he thinks he’s found a way to free the Eternal Warrior from the Undying One; there is a gem over Gilad’s heart. Colin hopes, if he can destroy the gem, Gilad will be freed. First, Colin needs to survive that long.

Ninja-K #13 cover by Kano
Ninja-K #13 cover by Kano

Ninja-K #13 presents a new turning point for Colin King. While the mission to save Gilad from the Dying One is prescient, the dilemma with Neville, MI-6, and Livewire threatens to throw Ninja-K’s life and career off course possibly forever.
I am holding revelations about the ending back, because there are some quite dramatic occurrences in the last quarter of the comic. I will say that they leave me eager to read the next issue.
The fight between Ninja-K and the Dying One inside the Eternal Warrior is a brutal struggle. A lot of blood is shed, and Colin comes close to death many times throughout the battle. The Dying One is a nice classical villain. He wants immortality and will kill anyone to achieve it.
Ninja-K #13 art by Roberto de la Torre, Jose Villarrubia, and letterer A Larger World Studios
Ninja-K #13 art by Roberto de la Torre, Jose Villarrubia, and letterer A Larger World Studios

Roberto de la Torre’s artwork is a wonderful fit for this gritty and bloody struggle. The ample shadowing gives the arena this oppressive atmosphere. The battle is tactile and kinetic, and Torre brings it to life well. Colin’s especially awesome too. Jose Villarrubia’s color work is dim and atmospheric, too. The dark purple looks damn good this issue.
Ninja-K #13 is one of the high points for Christos Gage’s tenure on the title. This is a personal battle for Colin, and the progression of the plot presents it well. It’s a lengthy melee, and Roberto de la Torre and Jose Villarrubia make it look awesome. This one gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Ninja-K #13 comes to us from writer Christos Gage, artist Roberto de la Torre, color artist Jose Villarrubia, letterer A Larger World Studios, cover artist Kano, and variant cover artists Victor Kalachev, Jim Mahfood, and Marc Laming with Ulises Arreola.

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