5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 79: “Reunion With Mitsuki”

by Sage Ashford

Boruto and his friends come face to face with the ninja who took Mitsuki. But does Mitsuki even want to return to the Hidden Leaf? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. We ended last episode with Boruto, Sarada, and Shikadai coming face to face with Kokuyou, one of the beings tasked to bring Mitsuki back to the Hidden Stone Village. Picking up on that, this episode starts their showdown, but the first thing we learn is these beings are made to “surpass” ordinary humans. Kokuyou isn’t able to use chakra–but he happens to be stronger and faster than even chakra-enhanced ninja. It’s reminiscent of Rock Lee, and there’s even a call back after Sarada tries to use her Sharingan to keep up, where he points out to her that it doesn’t matter if her eyes can follow if she doesn’t have the reflexes to keep up.
With his superior strength, even without the help of his sand golem the trio isn’t any match for him. He lacks chakra, but he can attack with such force even normal attacks cause gale force winds.

2. Fortunately for them, they get some timely help in the form of ChoCho and Inojin. After spotting all the wrecked jonin on their way back to the village, they turned around and caught up to them in record time. Chocho’s strength isn’t quite a match for Kokuyou, but Shikadai’s confident enough in his team to send Boruto and Sarada to catch up with Mitsuki. But while their teamwork is probably the best of their class, it’s still absurd for them to beat someone who bodied a dozen jonin and chuunin, so it’s all they can do to distract him long enough to escape.

3. You would think the guy who only knows how to create chakra bombs made of clay would be easier to beat than a dude with legitimate super-strength. And he probably is, but that doesn’t mean Boruto or Sarada is equipped to defeat him. The two rush ahead to try and catch up with Mitsuki, but Sekiei gets news from their sand golems that someone got past Kokuyou. Realizing their goal, Sekiei has the sand golems guard Mitsuki while rushing ahead to meet up with the people strong (or smart) enough to get past his partner.
Boruto and Sarada put up the best defense they can, but they’re already worn from fighting Kokuyou, and it’s only a chance weakness displayed by Sekiei that gives them the upper hand. Well, that and a sudden defense from a friend.

4. I’m not sure why Boruto thought this would work. He never convinced Garaga, he only wanted to see Boruto fail. Still, when he and Sarada start to realize they’re in over their head, Boruto summons the giant snake expecting some back-up. It’s supposed to be this powerful heroic moment for him, followed by a righteous smiting before Boruto rushes off to save his friend…only Garaga isn’t “cool” with Boruto at all, and ignores requests for help. So Boruto and Sarada find themselves getting smacked around while Garaga gets all that he wanted: watching Boruto get smacked down, because he trusted in people.

5. I really shouldn’t have laughed at this bit. But Boruto spent all this time trying to reunite with Mitsuki. He went against the express wishes of his village and dragged his teammate along to suffer the fate of being called a traitor. He nearly got himself and his friends eaten by snakes, several times over. He had to fight a giant freaking monster and only survived doing some freaky psychic bond with him. He fought against a pair of enhanced humans who not only nearly blew him to bits, but beat some of his best friends absolutely stupid. All of this while everyone from his childhood friends to new people he met along the way pointed out that Mitsuki might have just gotten tired of their friendship, or that they were never friends at all.
He Power of Friendship’d his way through ALL of that, just so he could understand Mitsuki’s feelings…only for Mitsuki to reward him with a lightning bolt jutsu and zapped his dumb ass for all his trouble. Only way this could have been funnier is if someone yelled “Worldstar” after it happened. Where does the story even go from here now? Boruto tried to get Mitsuki to talk, Mitsuki told him to screw off–that should be “the end” unless Boruto really becomes a clone of his father and starts chasing a guy who clearly has no interest in being a member of the Leaf again.
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