Police Work At The End Of Everything In Infinite Dark #2

by Tony Thornley

When you’re faced the end of existence, what would you do? Would you crack? Or would you do your job and take care of business?
Infinite Dark #2
After last issue’s bleak cosmic horror, that’s the question that Ryan Cady, Andrea Mutti, K. Michael Russell, & Troy Peteri ask in Infinite Dark #2. Unfortunately, their heroes may not have a change to answer before it’s answered for them.
[**Spoilers ahead!]

Deva is still dealing with her exposure to the void from three days previous. As a lead into the murder pops up, she learns that she’s not the only person suffering from void exposure sickness. Meanwhile Deva’s second in command, Sebastian, assists an expert witness…who may be the person exposing everyone to the void!
Cady’s script shifts its tone slightly here, and it’s a good move. Where last issue was full of cosmic dread and horror, this issue feels a bit more noir, with the horror coming from people, not any cosmic beings. It also dives deep into Deva’s psyche, and shows why she’s earned her job as the security chief with some smart detective work.

Mutti and Russell’s work together is great here. Mutti keeps his sketchy line while also giving us some great acting from the characters. Where the script has Deva talking through connecting the dots, Mutti makes it interesting to follow along and see her put the puzzle together. Through that, the being in the void remains absolutely terrifying too.
Russell’s color art sells a lot of the oppressive feeling we get. His work goes so far for shifting between moods, leading to the final revelation in the final moments of the issue. It also helps the station feel alien and strange.

This continues to be a tense horror story, and a very solid sci-fi tale to boot.
Infinite Dark #2 is available now from Top Cow/Image Comics.

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