Pat Mills Teaches You How To Become A Comic Book Writer For Free

by Olly MacNamee

Over on Pat Mills’s regularly updated blog, Millsverse, editor, author, writer and all round rascal raconteur, Mills, is sharing his tips on improving your creative writing skills, whether that be in the hope of breaking into comics or for other reasons.
You’ll find it under the “Storyteller” subheading and you’ll find it’s been running for a few weeks now, so if you do decide to drop on by, you’ll find and great deal already there to pick over and absorb. From ‘Heroes‘ through to the hero’s emotional journey, there’s a good deal of sound advice from a man who seems to have seen it all, and then some.

It’s an excellent free online tool I would advise any would-be writer (and I include myself in this category, so take heed) or educator to delve into and follow. There’s a lot to learn from, and you can never be too old to learn something new. Especially when the teacher is the original editor of 2000AD, the galaxy’s greatest comic, right?

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