Batman #59 Turns The Tables On Everyone

by Tony Thornley

In the last five months, Batman has chronicled the Dark Knight beginning to unravel. Last issue though appeared to push things back in Batman’s favor. However Batman #59 shows just how cunning of a foe he’s facing.
"Batman #59" preview 2018
Tom King, Mikel Janin, Jordie Bellaire and Clayton Cowles continue the escalation of Bane’s plan, after the Penguin began to spill the beans last issue.
[*Spoilers ahead!]
The story unfolds as the Penguin reveals everything to Batman. Enraged, the Dark Knight storms Arkham and confronts Bane…Violently and unsuccessfully. This leads to another violent confrontation, this time with Commissioner Gordon.
"Batman #59" preview 2018
King’s story has been twisting and turning for months now. This issue starts to unravel the conspiracy against Batman, but also shows that Bane is ten steps ahead of Bruce. If in the end, all this megastory does is show how capable of a villain Bane is, it has done its job.
Janin continues to be one of the best craftsmen in comics. He infuses each character with so much personality, whether it’s the Penguin, having accepted his fate, or Bane’s smug smile at the end of the issue. Bellaire’s colors set the mood perfectly for the impact to come through.
"Batman #59" preview 2018
I get that a lot of a readers have begun to be increasingly on the fence about this run, but I still look forward to it every other week.
Batman #59 is available now from DC Comics.

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