Digital Dreams Become Nightmares In Tony Stark Iron Man #6

by Tony Thornley

After a debut arc filled with single issue stories putting together the picture of our hero’s current life, Tony Stark Iron Man #6 shows that it can all shatter in an instant.

Dan Slott, Jeremy Whitley, Valero Schitti, Edgar Delgado and Joe Carmagna give us a story about Iron Man having a very bad day. Being Tony Stark though, it happens on multiple fronts that are very bad for the hero, but great for us readers.
[**Spoilers ahead!]

It’s launch day for eScape, Stark Unlimited’s newest piece of tech. However, the Controller has picked this as the day that his well-placed plans will bring about the downfall of Iron Man. And this attack truly might be Tony’s undoing.
Slott and Whitley’s story is full of the quick wit and action the previous arc featured. It’s a quick and fun story, but it’s also a well-paced thriller. It feels equal parts a spy thriller, sci-fi action, and character piece, and it’s a great fit for Tony.

Schitti’s return after having last issue off is welcome. He’s able to draw the quiet moments as ably and deftly as the bombastic action, with his depiction of Tony’s mother Amanda really standing out. Delgado deepens that work, and his shifts in technique and style between the real world and eScape really helps the urgency of those settings in the story.
This continues to be a great addition to Iron Man’s canon, and a title I look forward to with each issue.

Tony Stark Iron Man #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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