Dynamite’s Battlestar Galactica Continues This February With Twilight Command

by James Ferguson

It’s saying something that Battlestar Galactica has been off the air for almost a decade and it’s still inspiring new stories. Dynamite Entertainment has announced the next installment in the space saga with Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command, coming in February 2019. The series, written by Michael Moreci and illustrated by Breno Tamura, is told in the spirit of Rogue One, where a group of men and women who have lost everything find redemption on New Caprica in a one-way mission that will help free the human race from Cylon occupation.

Writer Michael Moreci says:

I’m not kidding when I say that this is the exact story I’ve been wanting to tell since I watched Battlestar Galactica when it first aired. I always thought there were so many stories to tell on New Caprica, and being able to expand the Battlestar Galactica world with new characters–and old favorites–is so amazing. Not only that, but this is a bit of a different kind of Battlestar Galactica story. I liken it to what Rogue One did for Star Wars; it maintained the spirit while creating something new.

Moreci is a perfect choice for this kind of story as the man knows sci-fi and can write it well, as seen in Wasted Space from Vault Comics. I’m eager to see what he can do in BSG.
Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite Entertainment adds:

This series is a stellar addition to the Battlestar Galactica canon. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of  publishing Battlestar Galactica stories for over a decade and Twilight Command will no doubt be a fan favorite.

Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command #1 will feature dual variant covers from Brent Schoonover and Breno Tamura, along with an Atlas Edition for fans that want it signed by writer Michael Moreci. Look for it at your local comic shop and digitally in February 2019.

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