The Identity Of The Red Cloud And A Guest Star In Action Comics #1005

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
One of the heads of the Invisible Mafia, Miss Gummy, is presented with the Hero Dial for sale, but the deal is interrupted by a vigilante hero. Later, Gummy takes her troubles back to the other heads of the Invisible Mafia. Meanwhile, Clark Kent helps Miss Goode with an article on the Red Cloud at the Daily Planet. Later, Clark is contacted by Deputy Fire Chief Melody Moore on the advice of Superman. She has disturbing news for Clark Kent, and she is worried that it indicates dire things for all of Metropolis.

Action Comics #1005 cover by Ryan Sook
Action Comics #1005 cover by Ryan Sook

Action Comics #1005 brings in another guest star that greatly excites me, but I won’t spoil their identity here.
That aside, this issue continues the saga of the Invisible Mafia and the havoc they are wreaking upon the fair city of Metropolis. The Mafia has been shaken by the interruptions from heroes like Superman, but they haven’t been deterred from continuing their dealings.
It’s a fast-moving issue and doesn’t linger too long. The climax is an encounter between Superman and a villain that leaves the Man of Steel a little shaken. We also learn the possible identity of the Red Cloud, though I’ll restrain from spoiling that as well.
Brian Michael Bendis continues to be brilliant writer for Superman; Bendis can bring out the earnest and charming best from the character.
Action Comics #1005 art by Ryan Sook, Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed
Action Comics #1005 art by Ryan Sook, Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed

Ryan Sook’s artwork is quite excellent as well. His rendition of Clark Kent and Superman is as bold and imposing as Kal-El deserves. The smiles are unintentionally creepy at times, but that is a small complaint. Brad Anderson’s color work balances darkness with vibrance as need be, and it looks damn good.
Action Comics #1005 is another strong issue in the Bendis era of Superman. It’s fun, fast-paced, and has solid dialogue (with the exception of an abundance of censored-out words tripping up the lines). This comic comes recommended easily, and you should feel free to give it a read.
Action Comics #1005 comes to us from writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist and cover artist Ryan Sook, color artist Brad Anderson, letterer Josh Reed, and variant cover artist Francis Manapul.

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