5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generation 82: “Infiltrating The Hidden Stone”

by Sage Ashford

Team 7 and Team 10 find themselves in the Village of the Hidden Stone looking to the third Tsuchikage for help. But what’s the truth behind what’s happening in the Hidden Stone Village? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. It’s taken long enough for this guy to finally take the stage. With Kurotsuchi not even returning Naruto’s calls and none of the ninja they sent reporting back, Naruto agrees they need to start taking their own measures to deal with the ongoing crisis that left one of their genin having “betrayed” the city and caused multiple other genin (including his son) to go missing. He talks with Sai about deploying some Anbu members, but Konohamaru happens to overhear what’s happening and intrudes on their discussion, asking to be sent to the Hidden Stone Village himself.
As much as this story started as a simple dispute between Boruto and Mitsuki, it grew beyond that long ago. Honestly, Konohamaru should’ve been sent alongside Team 10 in the first place. As the head of Team 7, what’s happening is his responsibility. He gets the go ahead to leave, and I’m only hoping he appears early enough to do some good.

2. Why is the security in the ninja world so garbage? Boruto and the others arrive outside of the Hidden Stone village, and it takes them all of a minute to realize: “we can just scale the pipes outside the wall to sneak in”.  Nobody’s monitoring the waterlines, no one’s waiting at the top of the wall–they just sneak right in.  These are genin–beginner ninja with less than a year of proper experience. Imagine what actually talented ninja could do.
Sarada tries to say Konoha has stronger security, but in this very arc these same kids got close enough to the Hokage while the city was supposedly on lockdown. No wonder so many jonin are about as useful as a Stormtrooper–being a ninja is about sneaking around. How hard is it to become good at sneaking around when every place has security levels on par with a strip mall?

3. They make Inojin stay behind as both a contingency plan if they get caught, and to watch the baby Akuta, since he gets along with it the best. So most of his part of the episode is him trying to keep the little guy from getting into trouble.  He helps the guy figure out a name, teaches him about death, and generally spends a majority of the episode making me wonder when the chibi short series is coming along–Inojin and his Animal Family.  It’s cute though, and helps break the tension of an otherwise very serious episode.

4. Speaking of ninja who probably shouldn’t be ninja. I’ve been a professed fan of Chocho since she curved that incel, but apparently going a day or so without food causes her stomach to growl so loudly it can be heard throughout the whole street they’re on. I can’t help thinking being a ninja involves being inconspicuous–which is my mistake, considering the premiere character for this franchise has dressed in bright orange for a decade and change–and nothing about having your stomach growl so loudly it gives away your position even if you’re a mile off seems inconspicuous.
It does at least lead them to a diner where they get to learn the location of Ohnoki, but that’s main character luck more than anything else. What happens if Team 10’s on an undercover mission for days on end?  Does she just snap and eat one of Inojin’s presumably many pets?

5. The group is guided to Ohnoki after running into his assistant, who’s realized how horribly wrong things have gone and knows the Tsuchikage is missing. Since Ohnoki is apparently fine, the assistant guides them to his location in the lower parts of the village, and they explain their ordeal and ask for help. But in a shocking twist, not only does Ohnoki tell them he can’t help, it’s revealed his son is the “Lord Ku” behind this entire arc.  Jeez, by the end of this it wouldn’t be hard to see Boruto never trusting anyone again.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available for streaming at Funimation.

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