“Comic Book ‘Em, Danno”: Tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 To Feature Mike Perkins’ Comic Illustrations

by Olly MacNamee

Tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 on CBS (9pm) just might be a show comic book fans may want to tune into watch as it features’ a certain Mike Perkins’ artwork on a fictitious comic, I am told, is integral to the plot. Ahead of the show, Mike’s been sharing the cover to the ‘first spectacular issue’ on social media with some very favourable reactions.
As well as the cover, we’ve found a still from tonight’s episode, written by Christopher Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage, so you know its not going to be the usual depiction of comics and comic book fans, which is nice to know in advance. So, if you find yourself in tonight, maybe give it a look in?

We’ll have more on Mike’s role and how it came about, after the show airs tonight. After all, we wouldn’t want to spoil the show in advance. That’s not our style.
Enjoy tonight’s show, and come back for more another time. I’ll be right here when you do.

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