The Weekly 2000AD – Prog 2110 Previewed: More Fun With Eels…

by Richard Bruton

Last Prog before the big end of year Christmas prog, so it’s all a bit of a mish-mash. Just four strips again; a done in one Dredd, the end of Kingdom and the short Sinister Dexter strip, with the ever-spectacular Brink carrying on through Christmas and into 2019.

So, without further ado… here’s 2000AD Prog 2110 previewed for you. It’s released in the UK and on digital on 5 December. As usual, you poor North American readers will need to wait until the 4-pack monthly bundle hits comic shops. All behind a Chris Weston cover…

JUDGE DREDD: TRIAL BY FIRE – Rory McConville, PJ Holden, colors Jim Boswell, letters Annie Parkhouse.

Being a citizen of Mega-City One is rubbish. The system always manages to find a way to screw you over. And the Jays always seem to come down on you, no matter what terrible things happen. Case in point; take Smokey, whose latest Justice Department med-trial has gone very wrong, his negative emotions bursting out of his body as those mini but destructive gremlins. Tek Department’s Judge Kirby comes along to save the day, but it’s not going to suprise or spoiler anything to let you know that, by the final page, Dredd’s delivered some really crappy news to Smokey.

These done in one Dredds are, usually, almost MC-1 Future Shocks, with a twist involving the perp or cit getting done over by the city by the final page. No difference here, although McConville and Holden make it a fun few pages, that necessary antithesis to the multi-part tension and thrills of the recent Small House.

BRINK – HIGH SOCIETY – PART 11 – Dan Abnett, INJ Culbard, letters Simon Bowland.

Bridge is in lock-up, her cover part blown. Junot high ups know who she is, although not why exactly she’s there for. Thankfully. Because, as you’ll see in five incredible pages that might just break you out into a cold sweat, Junot is brutal in keeping its secrets.

Yes, five pages of everything that makes Brink so wonderful, the tension, the slow build, the cinematic art and timing. Better and better and better.

KINGDOM: ALPHA AND OMEGA – PART 11 – Dan Abnett, Richard Elson, colors Abigail Bulmer, letters Ellie De Ville.

Ending here, for now, the tale of the Kingdom. What was once a tale of the Masters against Them has evolved. Masters, Aux, Riders, Parasites, Them, all locked into an arms race, evolutionary theory in action. But, there’s always a bigger fish out there.

Kingdom is the one outright action thing in 2000AD of recent months, and it’s almost too easy to dismiss it as such. But, thanks to Elson’s dynamic visuals and Abnett’s continuing excellence, it’s a good old ride.

SINISTER DEXTER – THE SEA BENEATH THE CITY – PART 2 (DOUBLE SIZED) – Dan Abnett, Steve Yeowell, colors John Charles, letters Ellie De Ville.

Speaking of Abnett and excellence, take two ridiculous characters and throw them into ridiculous circumstances, up the pun levels, have fun with acronyms, and even throw in a whole Bond villain pastiche and you have this latest Sinister Dexter.

“You expect me to talk, Wharfinger?”
“Yes, I do. Because of the very painful eels.”
“A fair point.”

Silly and funny – there should always be a place for that!

Next time… it’s Christmas…

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