Two Vampire Families Unite In Redneck #17

by Brendan M. Allen

You’re invited to the wedding of a lifetime! Witness the union of two vampire families as Bartlett and July tie the knot! I’m sure absolutely nothing will go wrong…

Redneck #17 opens up with a two page montage recapping the entire series, which is entirely fitting for the  warm fuzzy wedding issue. In the aftermath of all the darkness and hate from the first couple arcs, it’s about time those Bowmans caught a break, yeah? Maybe? Probably not. 

You know this isn’t just a wedding issue. No way Donny Cates is letting us off that easy. Loose ends from the Bowmans’ past are popping up all over the place, and at least one of those will be raising some serious hell really soon.

This chapter sets up the next arc really well, but it’s really light on action. As in, there’s none. Lisandro Estherren’s signature blend of hideous and beautiful is missing the hideous. This one’s all sweetness and light. It works well enough, but seems just a little off balance this in this single issue.

Like I mentioned, this chapter is clearly transitioning into the next set of conflicts. Everything’s all bright and shiny today, but that obviously can’t last. The Parliament? Yeah, I don’t think we’ve really closed the door on that nastiness. Oh, and Evil? Remember the insane Special Forces madman with no pulse whose best friend was murdered in service to the Bowmans? Probably don’t want to find yourself on that dude’s bad side.

Redneck #17, Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment, published 28 November 2018. Created by Donny Cates (script) and Lisandro Estherren (art), color by Dee Cuniffe, letters by Joe Sabino.

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