Cat And Mouse With A Serial Killer: Preview Lodger #2 From The Laphams & Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

The second issue of David and Maria Lapham’s warped, serial killer thriller, Lodger, is out this week from Black Crown. Judging form the preview pages below, we get a little more light shed on the lodger taken in by Ricky Toledo’s parents. With gruesome consequences.

Ricky Toledo was 15 when a handsome lodger rented a room in her family’s small, rural home. Lust, adultery and murder would follow. It’s three years later and the serial killer who murdered Ricky’s mother and got her father sent down for it is cutting a bloody swath through the broken soul of America. This warped game of cat and mouse between a tortured young woman and a serial killer can only be told by the comics masters of the crime thriller and the artform, David and Maria Lapham.


Lodger #2 is out Wednesday, the 5th of December from Black Crown.

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