Exclusive: Mike Perkins Talks More About Landing The Hawaii Five-O Gig

by Olly MacNamee

Did you catch Friday night’s episode of Hawaii Five-O? Did you catch Mike Perkins’ comic book contribution, as we exclusively revealed? Well, I contacted Mike to ask him more about how he got the gig. You may want to watch the show before you read ahead, though, as it contains spoilers as to how it all pans out.
Take it away Mike:

I was contacted by Christos Gage who, along with his wife Ruth Fletcher Gage, is writing this episode and show running the series. There’s a vigilante in the streets who gets killed and it turns out he was utilizing his real life to make comics of his self – invented vigilante superhero.  All the clues as to his origins and…perhaps…the killer himself are in the comic.
But, what about the artwork, Mike?
My artwork comes into play in that comic itself. Pages of which are seeded throughout the show to aid McGarrett in his investigations. Then, during the denouement, when the perpetrator is escaping, the whole show turns into a comic book sequence and my art is up there on the screen to bring the episode to a thrilling close – possibly shaving millions from the budget! The epilogue consists of the comic book launch with banners and cutouts of The Night Sentinel utilizing my artwork – superbly abetted by Andy Troy on colours and Rus Wooton on lettering.
Thanks, Mike. I’ll leave you all with a fan made video highlighting all appearances of The Night Sentinel on last Friday’s show. What a great gig to land! The boy’s done good, don’t you think?

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