The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same In Wonder Woman #59

by Tony Thornley

Every creative team needs a little time to get used to a new series. Often the mark of a great new creative team is how quickly they can find their footing.
Wonder Woman (2016-) #59
If that’s the case here, G Willow Wilson, Cary Nord, Mick Gray, Romulo Fajardo, and Pat Brosseau are in a great position for their run. In just two issues, they’ve already crafted a great action story that has ramifications for the future in many senses.
[*Minor spoilers ahead!]
Wonder Woman (2016-) #59
Diana continues dealing with Ares’ rebirth. She learns that his philosophy might be different but his methods and morals appear to be exactly the same. Meanwhile, refugees from Olympus hold Steve Trevor hostile, and their presence may be a bigger mystery than the one Diana is face to face with.
If last issue showed how well Willow understands Diana, this issue continues that and shows how well she gets the world and characters around her. This new twist on Ares is a bit scary in that he appears outwardly heroic, but his moral compass is a bit screwed up. Confronted by that though, we see that Diana herself has some introspection she needs to focus on. It’s a good touch and provides growth to such a well established character.
Wonder Woman (2016-) #59
Nord and Gray do an excellent good job with the line art. Their action is thrilling, and they embody the idea of widescreen action with great motion and impact on the page. They also depict the character moments well, with Diana’s horror at Ares’s actions being a great specific moment. Unfortunately, it does fall short a handful of times when it comes to anatomy, with several camera angles revealing awkward poses and anatomy that doesn’t work.
I was introduced to Fajardo’s work with The Witching Hour crossover, and he continues to impress me. Nord’s style is a bit more rough and expressive than DC house style, and he adapts his coloring style to fit that. Meanwhile, he uses a palette full of earth tones and a metallic patina that grounds this story in epic mythology. It really clicks.
Wonder Woman (2016-) #59
While not quite perfect yet, this is a great start to this run, and after two issues, it’s climbing up on my list.
Wonder Woman #59 is available now from DC Comics.

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