Modeling As A Hard-Knock Life: Snap Flash Hustle #1 Hits Shops This Week

by Rachel Bellwoar

Employers who begrudge paying their employees. Workers who are made to feel guilty for asking about money. Take away the excess glamour and modeling’s not so far off from most professions these days.
Being held by the ankles from a building, though, should still be cause for alarm so what’s caused Haley Mori to land in such a bind? Written by Pat Shand (Breathless), with art by Emily Pearson (The Wilds) and letters by Jim Campbell (Labyrinth: Coronation), Snap Flash Hustle pairs relatable job struggles with unintended consequences born of trying to earn a living wage.

Main Cover: Emily Pearson

Here’s a synopsis for the first issue:

Haley Mori, a downtrodden alternative-model, happens upon a secret society of elite models in NYC that are using their platforms to sell narcotics. Seeing a possible escape from a lifetime of crushing debt, Haley becomes involved and works her way up the ranks, making new alliances and enemies alike while getting a taste of a power she never knew she craved.

And a six-page preview, that literally leaves you hanging, wanting to know more:

Snap Flash Hustle #1 goes on sale December 5th from Black Mask Studios.

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