Game Of Thrones Tease Offer Fire And Ice For April Return

by Erik Amaya

After broadcasting the seventh season over the summer of 2017 and spending all of 2018 off the air, Game of Thrones returns to its traditional April schedule. And as seen in this brief tease for the eighth and final season, Ice and Fire will finally meet as the remaining noble houses of Westeros brace for the onslaught of the Night King’s army.

According to reports, the battle with the Night King will begin in episode 3 of the 6-episode season. It is said to be pretty epic. In fact, all of the remaining episodes may be of an epic scale as there are still plenty of mysteries to wrap up. To say nothing of the series’s most perilous task: sticking the landing. Without the full breadth of author George R.R. Martin’s endgame, executive producer David Benioff and D.B. Weiss only have his roughest of outline from which to plot their final hours in Westeros. And that’s assuming Martin gave them the real ending to his A Song of Ice and Fire novel cycle. Come to think of it, that’s even assuming Martin knows how to end it.
Nonetheless, Game of Thrones is ending and it will be interesting to see how it ties all the remaining story threads together into a crescendo worthy of a feature film. The endgame, and possibly a dream of spring, begins in April.

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