“Wake Up San Francisco!” The Fuller House Season 4 Trailer Is Here

by Christine Marie Attardo

There’s only about a week until the premiere of Fuller House season 4, and I’ve been sitting over here analyzing the trailer for days. My mixed feelings about the last season certainly won’t stop me from sitting down and binge watching the show next Friday, but I am interested in the balance of wacky and real.
Take a look at the trailer:
I’m all for fun dance scenes, obstacle courses, whatever…but this isn’t a 90’s movie. I want some more drama, people! Of course, it’s hard to truly judge a trailer. It seems like this might finally be the season that DJ and Steve will be together forever. It is long overdue. Hopefully they will balance the silly content with a bit more serious, life lesson stuff this time around. I am really excited to see “Wake Up San Francisco” again…
All in all, I have always loved what the Tanner family has stood for. I look forward to discovering this next chapter next Friday, December 14th on Netflix.

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