Battle Thanos & The Black Order In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

by Gary Catig

The original Marvel Ultimate: Alliance was released over ten years ago. The video game was a great action RPG that allowed the player to form a team of four superheroes to combat the Masters of Evil and save the world. One could recreate classic teams like The Avengers and The Fantastic Four or make their own mish-mash of various Marvel characters.
During The Game Awards, Thursday night, a trailer for the latest installment was released. In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, the new threat is Thanos and his intergalactic team of villains. Old characters from the series are joined by new additions like the Guardians of the Galaxy. The game is due out some time in 2019 and will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Check out the video below. That boss battle against the Sandman looks epic.

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