Can Anyone Really Compete With Steam? Epic Games Will Try

by Christine Marie Attardo

Steam, the ever-popular, video game store and hub of all things awesome, has been around for quite some time. It sucks our money away with excellent deals during the Winter and Summer sales, and is a reliable resource when you’re looking to play just about any game. So, can a company compete with it? Well, I guess they can try. Epic Games has had their store in the works for a while, but it launched yesterday with a few incentives to draw people in.

The surprise launch happened on Thursday, and while I am a skeptic, I headed on over to their site to see what it was like. It feels new, but the two things that jumped out to me at first was free access to some older titles, SubNautica and Super Meat Boy. Who doesn’t like free? It looks like the fun won’t stop there, as the beautiful game, Journey will make its way to PC through this platform sometime next year. As you can see from the picture above, you can also get early access to their new game Hades. 
Take a look below and see for yourself just what Epic Games has to offer. Time will tell how much it will rival Steam.

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