The New Psychonauts 2 Trailer Will Blow Your Mind!

by Tito W. James

DoubleFine just released their latest trailer for Pyschonauts 2 revealing new characters and gameplay. From the trailer we can see Raz’s improved platforming agility as well as the ability to throw sheep with telekinesis. Psychonauts 2 takes our characters from the psychic summer camp at Whispering Rock to Psychonauts headquarters known as The Mother Lobe.

Characters look like Picasso portraits rendered in 3D striking the right balance between cartoony and creepy. The returning cast includes Razputin Aquato, Ford Cruller, Sasha Nein, Dr. Caligosto Loboto, Milla Vodello, Morceau Oleander, Lili Zanatto and her father Truman Zanatto.

New characters include Raz’s family the Aquatos and the shady new head of Pyschonauts headquarters Hollice Foresythe (I could be misspelling that). While Truman Zanatto is incapacitated, Hollice is redirecting funds away from Psychic exploration and redirecting focus into unsavory practices like necromancy.

The trailer displays new enemy types like flaming bunnies and giant judges. We also get glimpses of potential boss characters like a Spiky Tree Man and a Water Freak. The Water Freak might be the reason why Raz (like so many video game characters) dies in water. The Water Freak’s design reminds me of the “Return the slab” guy from Courage The Cowardly Dog.

Teased in the trailer are several new “Brain” levels ranging in theme from shattered mirrors, gambling, lock boxes to paper cutouts. I hope Doublefine is able to top the fan-favorite levels Milkman Conspiracy and Black Velvetopia.

Releasing a sequel almost two decades after the original is a tricky balance of meeting fans’ expectations and attracting new audiences. However, from DoubleFine’s extensive development diaries and the latest trailer, players can expect a mind-bending platformer in 2019.

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