The Freeze #1 Is A Wholly Unique Apocalypse

by Tony Thornley

Post-apocalyptic survival horror is one of comics’ favorite genres. The best takes on it give us a different twist on the genre. The Freeze falls firmly in the genre, but is such a unique premise that it definitely feels like its own thing.
The Freeze #1
Dan Wickline, Phillip Sevy, and Troy Peteri bring us the story of Ray Adams. Ray is the focal point of an apocalyptic event that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen.
After a prologue that takes place an indeterminate time after “the Freeze,” we return to the day of the event. Ray goes along through his day like normal until he’s shocked while plugging a computer in… at the exact moment the Freeze happens. He’s horrified to see the world fall apart as people- and only people- freeze in place. Moments later though, he discovers an amazing ability- he can unfreeze anyone he touches….

Wickline has a huge hurdle to leap immediately in tackling an apocalyptic scenario, but the strange circumstances of the event immediately set it apart. In addition to that, his characters feel fully formed, with no one feeling simply like a caricature or stereotype. It’s an instantly engaging and interesting story.
Sevy’s a local that I’ve met multiple times. I’ve always enjoyed his work, but I have to say this is next level work from him, with the scale of the disaster being sold just on his work alone. He draws and colors the issue, which contributes to some great artistic touches throughout. His depiction versus the frozen and those out of stasis in particular is haunting, with the frozen taking a flat, bluish tone.

This is a debut that’s equally parts scary and exciting. I’m already looking forward to the next issue.
The Freeze #1 is available now from Top Cow/Image Comics.

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