Marvels Turns 25 With New Editions And Variant Covers

by James Ferguson

It’s hard to believe that the incredible Marvels from Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross is 25 years old. I say that both in that I can’t believe I read that series that long ago and because of how timeless the comic feels, it should be even older. Marvel Comics is celebrating the anniversary of photojournalist Phil Sheldon’s story spanning the history of the Marvel Universe with some special new releases.

Marvels has been remastered and reprinted in trade paperback, available now. If you already have your copy, perhaps you’d be interested in the annotated version, beginning in February. This includes never-before-seen commentary from Busiek and Ross plus new covers and insights from the creators.

Also due out early next year is a series of Marvels 25th anniversary variant covers by Alex Ross beginning with Fantastic Four #6 in January, Tony Stark: Iron Man #9 in February, and The Immortal Hulk #15 in March. Then, in June, 20 artists will come together to pay tribute to Marvels in a special homage variant program across some of Marvel’s most popular titles.

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