TKO Studios Makes First Issue Reading Free: Preview Sara #1 By Garth Ennis & Steve Epting

by Olly MacNamee

There’s a new comic book publisher out there and they want you to know about them and the large swathe of talent they have signed up to produce comics, so they are offering early access to their web store and free comics reading. Rather than repeat what we’ve already told you, we thought it might be a good idea to offer you up a preview of their first four comic book titles.
First up is Sara by Garth Ennis (Punisher, Preacher, The Boys), artist Steve Epting (Captain America, Velvet), colourist Elizabeth Breitweiser (Batman, Outcast, Kill or Be Killed) and letterer Rob Steen (Punisher, Nick Fury).

Sara is the action-packed story of a young female Russian sniper and the other women of her squad as they fight the German invaders of their country during the grim winter of 1942-1943.

TKO Studios list themselves as a conglomerate of “award-winning comic book, entertainment, business and tech professionals”, so it sounds like they’ve got some serious money behind them to try and pull this off in an arguably already crowded marketplace. Giving away free digital first issues of their first slated titles is certainly one way of getting you to notice them and read their comics. Just head over to their website here and type in the access code: vipaccess, and you’re in.

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