A Fiery Debut For Magic The Gathering: Chandra #1

by Olly MacNamee

IDW has a new comic book launching this week, Magic The Gathering: Chandra from writer Vita Ayala, artist Harvey Tolibao, colourist Joana Lafuente. and letterer Christa Miesner. One for fans of the card game and fans of fantasy comics. And, along with the solicitation below, we have a preview of this debut issue.

An adventurous Planeswalker and powerful pyromancer, Chandra Nalaar has seen much in her time—but she had never experienced such tragedy before. In the wake of a devastating loss, Chandra is striking out on her own, determined to prove— to her family and to herself — that next time she’ll be prepared. But when faced with threats both old and new, will she be able to overcome her grief in time to survive? And who is that familiar face lurking in the shadows?

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