Sci-Fi Stories With Hope: The All We Ever Wanted Anthology

by Olly MacNamee

Out this week, from editors Matt Miner, Eric Palicki and Tyler Chin-Tann, comes new indie  sci-fi anthology All We Ever Wanted featuring a good number of different stories but with a similar theme to them all. The theme of hope that one doesn’t necessarily get from a genre that is often a canvas upon which creators have reflected society’s biggest fears across the years.
But, in a way, it does this, as it’s a graphic novel collection that has to deal with the worries of modern society to offer up a better vision of tomorrow. Homophobia, immigration and environmental issues are but a few of the themes that steer some of these short stories, with science fiction solutions that aren’t always tied up in pretty little bows by the end of the strip. But, across the whole book, it’s hope and a brighter future for us all that is often pushed to the forefront.
It’s a good mix of more established creators, such as Tess Fowler, Robbi Rodriguez and Matt Miner, with up and coming creators, too. And, with so many short, sharp stories it avoids being a comic that tries to preach to its readers. I imagine it’ll only be talking to the already converted, but you never know. It may well land in the hands of someone who could well get something more from this book than just good stories and good art.
Alongside the launch of this title this week, there’s a tour to support the book. Take a look at the flyer below to check out where different creators on the book will turn up over the next few weeks.

A sci-fi collection that offers up hope at a time when we are all feeling the darkness. From Wave Blue World.

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