Valiant Reveals ‘Breathrough’ 2019 Lineup Of Titles Including Punk Mambo, Fallen World, Killers

by Hannah Means Shannon

Valiant Entertainment has revealed a slate of 2019 books, and following on from the “Beyond” incentive of autumn of 2018, they’ve titled this slate of new number 1s, “Breathrough”. The titles will be geared toward both new readers and committed fans, while “expanding the shared universe” according to Valiant through four titles.
Valiant’s Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers told Syfy Wire.

I’m incredibly excited to reveal BREAKTHROUGH, the next step in the continued success of the Valiant Universe that builds toward a full year of exciting announcements. These are extraordinary stories told by master storytellers, featuring comics’ most compelling villain, Toyo Harada; the main stage debut of Punk Mambo; the evolution of the future; and perhaps the scariest assembly of superspies the Valiant Universe has ever seen.

This March we’ll see the release of the previously announced The Life and Death of Toyo Harada, a “heart-wrenching, character-driven tale about the world’s most powerful superhuman facing his final battle.”, from Eisner Award-nominated writer Joshua Dysart and a rotating cast of artists, including CAFU, Mico Suayan, Lewis LaRosa, and Adam Pollina.

From Cullen Bunn (Venom) and Adam Gorham (Rocket) comes the debut of Punk Mambo in April. This five-issue limited series is about a British voodoo priestess living just outside of New Orleans who “unleashes a supernatural adventure with equal parts terror and humor”.

Fallen World by writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) and artist Adam Pollina (X-Force) is a five-issue event series beginning in May that will “pull readers into a captivating cyberpunk future unlike any they’ve ever seen before”. In the year 4002 AD, the cyborg samurai called Rai will face “an impossible battle for the fate of humanity”.

Lastly, new series Killers from writer B. Clay Moore and artist Fernando Dagnino will be “a non-stop thrill ride as the deadliest superspies on the planet compete to claim the ultimate prize”, coming in July.

These four new series will feature “surprises, returns, and reveals that longtime fans have been demanding”, according to Valiant. And no doubt build on the breath of fresh air that “Beyond” brought to the Valiant Universe.
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