Lou Ferrigno Jr. To Play The Man Of The Hour On DC Universe’s Stargirl

by Erik Amaya


The Justice Society of America continues to assemble for DC Universe’s Stargirl.
TVLine reports Lou Ferrigno Jr. will play Rex Tyler, AKA Hourman, on the upcoming series. Created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily, Hourman first appeared in 1940’s Adventure Comics #48 as a scientist with an interest in vitamins who developed the wonder supplement known as “Miraclo” — not to be confused with the very similar Mirakuru drug on Arrow. The pill gave Rex enhanced abilities for the period of one hour once a day. Once the Miraclo wore off, his strength, endurance and speed returned to a normal human range. Keeping his discovery a secret, he chose to adopt a a costumed identity. Initially called “The Man of the Hour” and later “Hour-Man,” Hourman became a founding member of the JSA, though he would leave soon after to join The Freedom Fighters and the All-Star Squadron. Later writers made the Miraclo drug addictive, complicating Rex’s life. He was eventually succeeded by his son Rick and an android Hourman from the 853rd Century.
On the series, Ferrigno’s Hourman will be “a master chemist and adrenaline junkie” who helped found the JSA, but “struggles with balancing his life as a hero and father.” Rick must also be destined to appear in the series.
Ferrigno is the second member of the JSA to be cast in the series. Yesterday, word broke that Joel McHale will play a hybrid version of Starman and Skyman named Sylvester Pemberton. Considering the comic book team’s roster — and the presumed availability of certain members — one can expect to see the Atom, the Sandman, Dr. Fate, and possibly a Hawkman announced in the days to come. But if the show includes Golden Age versions of Green Lantern and The Flash, I’ll be mightily impressed. Other later members like Wildcat and Dr. Midnite may appear at some point as well. Although, the initial series description suggested Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) would form a JSA of her own, so maybe some of the characters will be more recent versions.
Stargirl will debut on DC Universe next year.

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