Rick And Morty Presents Will Return With Four New One-Shots In 2019!

by Hannah Means Shannon

Critically acclaimed and hilarious one-shot quarterly series, Rick and Morty™ Presents is coming back from Oni Press for a second series consisting of four new, oversized single issues.

Those one-shots will be: Jerry, Mr. Meeseeks, The Flesh Curtains, and Unity. Each issue will focus on a different character, following the Adult Swim animated show.

Sarah Gaydos, Oni Press’s Editorial Director of Licensed Publishing says:

I love this PRESENTS format, because it allows the stellar creative teams to explore well-known characters like Jerry, or Mr. Meeseeks, in completely surprising ways! But it also allows us to dive into quirky, fan-favorite characters like Unity (Rick’s ex!) or Rick’s band, The Flesh Curtains (starring Rick, Squanchy, and BirdPerson). I can’t wait for readers to see what this incredible roster of talent has in store for them.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the issues, including creative teams!
Rick and Morty™ Presents: Jerry #1 
(W) Ryan Ferrier, (A) CJ Cannon, (C) Joshua Perez, (CA) A: CJ Cannon and Joshua Perez, B: Sina Grace
Rick and Morty™ Presents is back by popular demand! This very special issue focuses on everyone’s favorite character, Jerry. Jerry’s wisely blaming all his marital issues on his Dad-bod. When he goes to Rick for a quick fix, things go so poorly, it’s… demonic. Written by Ryan Ferrier (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Regular Show, D4VE, and more!), with series artists CJ Cannon and Joshua Perez! Features a variant cover by Sina Grace.
Rick and Morty™ Presents: Mr. Meeseeks #1
(W) James Asmus and Jim Festante, (A) CJ Cannon, (C) Joshua Perez, (CA) A: CJ Cannon and Joshua Perez, B: Sarah Stern
A message from Mr. Meeseeks: You ASKED for it, and we’re obligated to deliver! That’s what Meeseeks DO, after all! But WAIT… who the heck asked us to find the MEANING OF LIFE?!? THIS IS ONLY A 30 PAGE STAND-ALONE STORY!! I’m Mr. Meeseeks and this will not end well! 
Rick and Morty™ Presents:  The Flesh Curtains #1
(W) Lilah Sturges, (A) CJ Cannon, (C) Joshua Perez, (CA) A: CJ Cannon and Joshua Perez, B: Marie Enger
Learn the true origins of THE FLESH CURTAINS, Rick’s rock band with BirdPerson and Squanchy! Booed off of every stage, they consider giving up… until Rick invents a machine capable of writing songs people can’t resist. But when their multi-dimensional concert goes awry, Rick suddenly finds himself in massive debt to a ruthless alien loan shark. Will Rick do the safe thing and play the music guaranteed to make the band a success, or do the insane thing and play the music guaranteed to alienate almost everyone in order to impress his favorite musician? 
Rick and Morty™ Presents: Unity #1
(W) Tini Howard, (A) CJ Cannon, (C) Joshua Perez, (CA) A: CJ Cannon and Joshua Perez, B: Sina Grace
It takes a special kind of madness to capture and imprison Rick Sanchez — the kind of madness only an ex can deliver. Unity wants to make a play to take over the galaxy, and she’ll need the best (and worst) of her exes in her clutches to do it. And Rick wants his Party Naked t-shirt back, she stole it when they broke up. 
The first issue of the second series of Rick and MortyPresents is scheduled for release March 13, 2019, with the subsequent issues releasing in June, September, and November 2019.

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