Time Catches Up To Peter Parker In Spider-Man: Life Story

by James Ferguson

Although Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider in 1962, he hasn’t aged almost sixty years. That’s how comic books work. He’s maybe in his thirties at this point. Marvel Comics is mirroring the real world timeline in a new six-issue mini-series called Spider-Man: Life Story where Peter Parker ages at the same rate as all of us real people.

Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Mark Bagley are teaming up for this series that includes the entire history of Spider-Man from beginning to end, set against key events from each decade. The first issue, due out in March 2019, is set in 1966 where Peter Parker struggles with his power and responsibility as the country becomes embroiled in the Vietnam War.
Writer Chip Zdarsky says:

I guess I’m just not done with Spidey! This is an idea I’ve had since I first started working for Marvel, something that explores the characters and the Marvel universe on a deeper level, where time changes both the characters and the world. Being able to span decades with one of the most iconic Spider-Man artists ever, Mark Bagley, is surreal. He’s creating fresh takes on classic characters and moments in really dynamic ways.

I like the idea of this and I’m very curious as to how this will go. The Marvel Universe has always been our universe, with events and locations pulled from the real world, so it certainly lends itself to a story like this.
Spider-Man: Life Story #1 is set for release in March 2019. It will feature a standard cover by Zdarsky and a variant cover by Marcos Martin.

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