Can You Spot Valiant’s Plans For 2019 On Their Whiteboard? Prizes Are At Stake

by Hannah Means Shannon

Valiant put up an interesting Twitter post on Friday revealing everything about their plans for 2019…sort of! It’s all in note form in the kind of code that can only be generated by a bunch of people sitting around a table and making in-jokes at each other.
And then revealing their notes with over 45 clues to what’s coming up in their publishing plans for the new year.
If you can spot all the clues and DM them, there are prizes in store.
Here’s that post:

And let’s take a closer look at that whiteboard image:

We hope you were paying attention when Valiant revealed their plans for “Breakthrough“, their line of Spring 2019 books. Take a look at that right here before you start treasure-hunting. It’ll help you look for clues.
Does that say “Musical issue”?? Whaaa?
I believe that “actual seance” will happen. I mean, this is the Valiant Universe we’re talking about.
Please, let there be Plushies. Come on guys. Fred Pierce needs to say “Yes”.

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