5 Point Discussions – Double Decker 11: “Seven O Dies Twice”

by Sage Ashford

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1. I should have known that a show that had been so deliberately focused on developing it’s story hadn’t simply tossed all that aside just to do a meaningless bit involving Kirill and Doug discussing things with a drunk. When Lisvalleta military officer Brian Cooper confronts Kirill, he drops a massive bombshell on the young cop: instead of their being twin suns in the sky, there are actually two Earths.  The other world is known as Nikai (originally referred to by the drunk), with its own humans and their own society.  Though attempts have been made to contact them, they’re rarely ever responded to.
However, a pair of children came from Nikai to their world, and have been in hiding ever since: Kirill and Valery.  This explains why Kirill is a casual genius (probably), and definitely explains why Valery abandoned his brother and was never seen again–he didn’t want to draw attention to the both of them. Valery explains this to Kirill later, and he makes it seem like Nikai was a place they had to escape.  Overcome with the desire to know more, Kirill debates the possibility of joining the military, and the show doesn’t make it easy on him to choose. The military offers him all the opportunities he has as a cop, plus more power, money, and vacation–the only reason to stay seems to be the friends he’s made at SEVEN-O.  Hopefully nothing happens to them…

2. All this time, Zabel and Esperanza have kept SEVEN-O around for a single reason: to learn the exact secret of the Anti-Anthem bullets. It’s been specifically brought up as a goal for multiple episodes, dating all the way back to Pink’s encounter with Kay’s old boss in episode 4. It’s obviously the reason why, despite Bamboo Man having straight up DBZ powers, they haven’t just killed them all and moved on with their lives. But after the stunt they pulled in the episode “Don’t Think! Feel So Good!”, where they worked with a politician and tried to exert their force over Lisvalletta as a city instead of just bullying the populace, SEVEN-O’s bosses in the military have finally had enough.
Lending the military’s full power to SEVEN-O’s missions, Esperanza’s locations go down one after another, with such ease it’s frightening. Unfortunately for SEVEN-O, it all winds up being a ruse. As they’re working to shut down all the locations, Zabel, Bamboo Man, and some of the gang all sneak into SEVEN-O’s headquarters. Confronting Dr. Apple and Sophie, they threaten them both with death unless Apple surrenders the information about the Anti-AMS bullets.
Fortunately for them both, Kirill happens to be in contact with Apple when he gets attacked, leading him to call Doug so the two of them can attempt to save the day. Nonetheless, you have to respect Zabel’s focus: he’s willing to let his entire organization get dismantled just to shut down the only real advantage SEVEN-O has against them. Why not? They can rebuild a gang of drug dealers with ease–and once they can neutralize the cure, leaving police with no effective ways to deal with Anthem Overdrive.

3. With Yuri’s death, this episode pays off a lot of foreshadowing that’s been done for a large majority of the series. Because of a stupid prank played by Doug, Kirill’s been attempting to tip-toe around Yuri being a robot from the moment he found out. He doesn’t want her “secret” to get out, so he tries to play it off anytime she references being a robot or doing the day to day things in her life as being a robot. Even up to this episode, he’s still asking her about it and trying to keep it a secret; from the moment he realized what she was, he’s been unable to see her as anything else.
At the climax of the episode, Doug and Kirill are working alongside Pink and Yuri to save Doctor Apple and Sophie from Zabel and his crew. Zabel escapes, and the group make plans to go after him, but Zabel’s gang force them to stay by using a bomb. Yuri stops it, but is forced to jump out of the window to stop the explosion from reaching her comrades. Later on, SEVEN-O is mourning the loss of their comrade and Kirill asks if there was a back-up of her data.
In most series, this would serve as a panacea–there’s a back-up, so the AI character isn’t really dead, right? But Double Decker takes another direction: back-ups are illegal on the grounds of morality. After all, would that even be the same person? Isn’t it someone entirely new, only with the same memories? Everyone else in SEVEN-O seemed to understand this…except Kirill, the one person who’s viewed Yuri as a robot instead of just another member of the team. Now we can ask what defines us as humans besides our memories, sending us down an ambiguous hole with no answers, but I love that Double Decker was bold enough to take a stance.

4. Bamboo Man getting fed up and killing Zabel Franken is a development no one should be shocked by. Zabel let himself be abused by some scrub prison officer. Bamboo Man can lay waste to entire police battalions. It’s obvious eventually he’d get tired of taking orders and finally just kill off Z and anyone who had objections.
But Bamboo Man being Brian Cooper?  That’s how you close an episode like this. It explains how the military was able to shut down Esperanza so easily, and even explains his freakish strength: he’s working with a perfected version of Anthem. The end of the episode has him receiving a call from Kirill, who’s frustrated at how he lost Yuri, and is eager to save the remainder of his friends, even if he has to leave.

5. Next Episode: We’re in the closing stretch now. Can anyone stop Brian Cooper, the Bamboo Man?  Is Esperanza done for?  And what about the rest of SEVEN-O?
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