Black Panther #7 Gears Up For War

by Tony Thornley

After an introductory arc that felt a bit like a more thoughtful space opera, Black Panther #7 ramps up the action. It’s like a Marvel Universe set Star Wars, and I’m digging it.
Black Panther (2018-) #7
Ta-Nahesi Coates is joined this issue by new regular artist Kev Walker, color artist Stephane Paitreau and letterer Joe Sabino. There’s a bit of fresh air breathed into the series here that it needed.
While the Emperor contemplates his position and the power behind it, T’Challa and the Maroons execute a risky kidnapping. It turns out their target is the chief technologist of the Empire, putting the goal of restoring T’Challa’s memories in reach. However, the final pages reveal the Emperor has a few unexpected tricks up his sleeve…
Black Panther (2018-) #7
The first arc of this story seemed to be about building this new galactic tapestry. It honestly was good but was also starting to get a little tired, to the point that I was considering dropping the book monthly if it didn’t pick up. Coates definitely does so in this issue, with T’Challa being a more active participant as an actual character (and not just an intimidating badass), and some great plot advancement.
I honestly forgot how much I like Kev Walker’s work before this issue. He steps in quickly, takes the strange setting in stride, and makes it all look great. It’s a very different feel, but it adds to the change in tone, and makes even seem a lot more action packed.
Black Panther (2018-) #7
Paitreau’s color work is very good. However, given the dark and moody colors we’ve gotten so far in this volume, it’s a little bright. It works in this issue given the casino-esque setting of much of the issue, but we’ll see if it continues to.
It’s great to see such an improvement after two slightly down issues. I hope the rest of this story continues on this path.
Black Panther (2018-) #7
Black Panther #7 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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