New Trailer Revealed For Granblue Fantasy Relink From Cygames And Platinum

by Sage Ashford

Earlier this year CyGames told their fans news on their collaboration project with PlatinumGames, an RPG tentatively known as Granblue Fantasy: Project ReLink, would be coming during their December Granblue Festival.  Well, it’s festival time and CyGames did not disappoint.  In addition to showing off a new fighting game title from working alongside ArcSystemWorks, they’ve got plenty to show from their RPG as well.
Now officially titled Granblue Fantasy: Relink, CyGames brought both a trailer for the title plus fifteen minutes of pure gameplay.  For those who don’t normally keep up with Granblue, the story follows Gran (or Djeeta if you choose the female version), a teenager in search of their father.  In a world full of sky islands, Gran/Djeeta’s father vanished in search of the legendary island Estalucia, found at the very “edge of the sky”.   After meeting a strange young woman known as Lyra, and her protector Katalina, the main character is forced to escape his home to flee from the empire taking control of all islands.  Along the way to Estalucia, the group meets a large cast of characters who join up with them, making this into truly the most classic of RPG adventures.  With this large cast, the player will be capable of teaming up with friends and online players a like to enjoy the story in full co-op.  While the story trailer can be found at the top, the fifteen minute gameplay snippet can be found below:

For more information on the game’s characters, check out the main page for the game. Despite looking more complete than ever, this title now only has the nebulous release date of 2019, and is still scheduled only for Sony’s Playstation 4.

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