Shadowman #10 Fights A War On Two Fronts

by Tony Thornley

After issues that felt like action movies and spy thrillers, Shadowman #10 embraces its roots fully, shifting back into horror. It doesn’t forget what’s made the last few issues exciting though and leans into it.

Andy Diggle, Renato Guedes, Eric Battle, Ulises Arreola, & Simon Bowland begin to wrap up their epic in this penultimate issue. It’s an exciting issue standing alone, and really sells the epic accomplishment this run has made so far.
Jack and the loa face Sandria Darque alone, while Alyssa combats her minions. Darque overpowers Jack, separating him from the loa, but Alyssa shows how truly powerful she is. Thanks to her intervention, Jack is able to free the loa, and faces Sandria at full power.

This issue simply wouldn’t be possible without the work Diggle had put into it leading up to this point. He has built his characters and settings perfectly to lead up to this moment. It’s masterful plotting and storytelling.
This issue is so much more than that though. Our heroes both get their chance to shine, with ingenuity and strength that feels authentic to what we’ve seen from them in all of Valiant’s Shadowman stories leading to this moment.

Guedes, Battle and Arreola all put in stunning work. Guedes’s main scenes are impactful and engaging, with the character’s struggle being sold as more than superheroics, but very very human. Battle meanwhile chronicles’ Alyssa’s war, matching the tone Guedes sets, but giving that magical fight its own unique feel.
I truly hope you haven’t missed this series so far, because it’s a great multi-genre read.

Shadowman #10 is available now from Valiant Comics.

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