Three Reasons Why Fuller House Season 4 Is The Best Season Yet

by Christine Marie Attardo

Last Friday brought the release of Fuller House Season 4 on Netflix. After a rocky third season, I wasn’t sure how I would like the fourth. I’m here to report that I enjoyed it so much I was able to sit down and binge-watch the entire thing in one day.

Here are three reasons I think Fuller House Season 4 is the best season yet: 


One: DJ and Steve are finally together. No more hijinks. This couple is lasting and they are in love. 

Two: The legacy cast is around way more than before. Because Danny, Jesse, Becky, and Joey live locally now, they “stop by” a lot more. Having them around makes it feel more like Full House.

Three: It’s a well rounded season, complete with laughs, love, and meaning. That’s the reason Full House was so successful to begin with. This season captures that heart-warming feeling better than all of the other seasons.

Don’t miss out on this new season. I’ll be curious to see if the series is renewed for another, because the finale ended on a note in which things could end happily for the show. Time will tell! 

Seasons 1-4 of Fuller House are now streaming on Netflix. 

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