5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 85: “The Heart Stone”

by Sage Ashford


Boruto and Ohnoki find some unexpected company within the Sanzu Plains. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. The extra leeway this show has because it can’t just adapt the manga is great. One of the biggest problems with filler is it tends to introduce characters who are never seen or mentioned again, making it feel like the whole arc really wasted your time. But this episode brings back a character from the previous arc: Sekki, of the Genbu Stone Trio. He’s such a joke he’s from the part of the Chuunin Exams where Boruto didn’t even feel shaken enough to cheat to win. He came to the Sanzu Plains to train, but unlike Boruto, Sekki is precisely the sort of soft youth Ohnoki was complaining about. He ate all of his rations in a day, and has been wandering around the plains trying to find his heart stone for two more when he runs across Boruto.

At Ohnoki’s urging Boruto teaches the goof to survive using some of the same tactics he learned him last week. It seems Ohnoki’s figured out to some extent Boruto’s best when he’s helping friends.

2. Moving at the speed of plot, Team 7’s teacher has finally arrived. Checking in on Ohnoki’s caretaker, we find him surrounded and followed by numerous Akuta, battered and bruised from being chased longer than anyone else. He starts to make his last stand, but Konohamaru arrives and finishes off the last few and saves him from some serious embarrassment. This is probably going to come down to a big final battle, so it’d help if Konohamaru were there. At the least, his presence adds credibility to Team 7’s mission, which has gone beyond ignoring orders and into “stopping a potential war from breaking out”.

3. It didn’t take long for Ku and the rest of Ohnoki’s creations to violate the first law of robotics. As their bodies begin to break down, the mad scientist working under Lord Ku points out how he can copy Mitsuki’s heart, but he’ll need an actual human heart to do so. How this makes sense, or why you’d trust a guy who looks like Dr. Wily’s less sane cousin? Who knows. But they decide to protect the humans, they’ll need to kill a few first (the usual path AI eventually takes), and so they decide to use Shikadai as a necessary sacrifice to protect the rest of the village. Fortunately, Shikadai’s smart enough to feign being knocked out and manages to escape when the artificial humans leave him alone with the mad scientist.

4. Who knew the solution to learning how to be self-sufficient was punching something giant in the face?  Boruto and the others are still trapped, but he decides to help Sekki look for his heart stone in the hopes of getting them all out. Now most of the episode, they set up Sekki trying to use his ultimate attack: the Genbu Winter Wind Emperor Formation…basically, it’s just a punch.  His first time using it, he misses and falls on the ground.  The second, he misses and punches a boulder…which crumbles when he isn’t looking.

This all builds to them being attacked by the giant wolf, and Boruto sending his cowardly partner away and trying to figure out how to win without using his chakra. But when Sekki finds the courage to fight alongside Boruto, Boruto encourages him to use his special technique, resulting in him striking with enough force to KO the knock off Garurumon.  And in doing so, it ignites something within the stone Sekki was holding, transforming it into the Heart Stone.  And with that, Sekki is able to lead them all out of the Sanzu Plains, before Boruto and Ohnoki slip away.

Man, I feel like the rules to this would’ve been better set up if this were strictly about Boruto–does everyone have to punch a giant wolf in the face to get out? What if they don’t have freakish super strength?

5. With all of the artificial beings starting to fall apart, their abilities start to leave too. So the genjutsu placed on all of the Tsuchikage’s officers breaks, leaving Ku and the others with little time to work.  Of course there’s only one solution here: conquer the village!  Yikes, this has gone bad even faster than Tsuchikage expected, no doubt.

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