Can You Ever Escape Your Past? Preview Rivers Of London: Action At A Distance #3 From Titan

by Olly MacNamee

This week sees the third issue of the current Rivers of London series come out from creator Ben Aaronovitch, writer Andrew Cartmel, artist Brian Williamson, colourist Stefani Renne and letterer Rob Steen. A magical mystery played out against the backdrop of post WWII London. Here’s a preview of this week’s issue.

The revelations come to a head as wizarding cop Peter Grant discovers his mentor’s secret history. Nightingale’s exploits World War II have been under lock and key until now – but can a man ever escape the past? Original creator Ben Aaronovitch and long-time collaborator Andrew Cartmel unveil the secret history of a beloved character in Rivers of London: Action At A Distance #3

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