Drawn To Sex: The Basics – Serious Sex Ed Doesn’t Have To Be Dull

by Richard Bruton

Ok, the obvious thing first, Drawn To Sex – The Basics is a sex education graphic novel about sex. All sorts of sex. And as such, it’s full of material about sex and sexuality. There are some detailed depictions of sexual acts and a great deal of discussion about all things sex and sexy.
But, if you’re thinking this is in any way “adults only”, I’d go so far as to say that you’re very much in need of this book, and I’d imagine your children, should you have them, are in desperate need of it as well. Yes, Drawn To Sex is a pure sex education graphic novel, but by its very nature it shouldn’t be an adults-only thing–that completely defeats the object of it. It’s for anyone interested in sex and anyone needing sex education as well. So no, it’s not adults only.

When it comes to talking about sex, there’s no-one does it better than Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan. With Drawn To Sex, they’ve pulled together all of the educational sex comics they’ve done on the wonderful sex webcomic Oh Joy Sex Toy.
But, make no mistake, just because Drawn To Sex – The Basics is a sex ed book, it’s definitely not the sort of horribly stuffy and dull thing these sex ed books usually are. If you have seen Oh Joy Sex Toy, you’ll already know just what to expect: education in the best of ways, by sharing experiences, mishaps, funny escapades, and anything Moen and Nolan felt was worth talking about when it came to sex and sexuality.
Drawn To Sex – The Basics is Moen and Nolan going right back to basics, and doing so with all the informed positivity we’ve come to expect. Inside, the book splits into four broad sections; Sex The Concept, Doin’ It Safely, Doin’ It With Yourself, and Doin’ It With Others.

Yes, very much going back to basics. But, never going back to basics in a dull, simplistic ways. Nope, with Moen’s exuberant cartooning and invention in her page design, there’s no way you’ll get bored and every page delivers its important message in the very best way. It’s not a simple physical guide to sex, either. There’s so much in here that covers way more than the simple physical stuff.
Particularly well done is the entire issue of consent and what sex actually entails. But each and every section goes from simple to complex very quickly, whether it’s exploring issues of just what classes as sex, contraception, the many methods of self pleasure, and through to sex between two or three people. There’s an amazing amount covered in a wonderful fashion here. It’s intensely info rich, perhaps covering issues you might not have thought of before, but doing so in such a way to make it totally accessible, simple to understand, and, as with everything in here, fun, funny, and full of great sex-positive knowledge.

Moen and Nolan have been breaking down barriers, stripping away those taboos and generally making sex a totally fun and fabulous, incredibly inclusive thing for many years, and with Drawn To Sex, they’ve put together something wonderful, a sex ed resource that’s as fun and funny as it is informed and informative.
Sex Ed should be this wonderfully fun everywhere. In fact, Drawn To Sex – The Basics could well be, should well be, the default sex ed text for schools, colleges, universities around the world.
It’s educational, it’s sexy, it’s informed, it’s fun, it’s light, it’s joyous. In fact, it’s a perfect guide for anyone and everyone, young and old, experienced or not, there’s so much to learn in here.

Drawn To Sex – The Basics, published by Limerance Press/Oni Press, written by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, art by Erika Moen.

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