Exorsisters #3 Gets Apocalyptic

by Tony Thornley

Exorsisters has been an interesting series so far. It really feels like a breath of fresh air, and this issue’s big twist really helps that.

Ian Boothby, Giselle Lagace, Pete Pantazis, and Taylor Esposito continue to build the world and history of Cate and Kate Harrow. This issue though takes an unexpected turn on its last page though.

[**Spoilers ahead!]

After the Harrows resolve another case, saving an innocent man from Hell, Kate meets Cate’s one and only ex-boyfriend, Buzz. We learn about their history in flashback–girl meets boy, falls in love, is offered as a sacrifice to an elder demon, and boy receives comeuppance. However, Buzz has returned to Earth as a demonic fly to warn the girls that something very bad and very evil might be about to start the apocalypse.

Boothby’s script retains the charm and humor of the last two issues here, but he adds a new and welcome element in this issue- dread. A sense of dread gradually builds through the issue until the final few pages. It’s still a lot of fun, but it’s definitely scary, especially the last page.

Lagace and Pantazis deserve so much credit for what they do too. The opening scene is so much fun, and packed full of detail, from the zombie jury to the demon lawyer (a “devil’s advocate”- HAH!). The flashback is absolutely fantastic, selling us on Cate’s relationship, up to her betrayal. Boothby’s script puts a lot on their shoulders, and the line art and colors both deliver in spades.

This book might be flying under radars but every time I see it pop up I’m so excited to read it!

Exorsisters #3 is available now from Image Comics.

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