Livewire #1 Reintroduces The World’s Most Dangerous Woman

by Tony Thornley

If Harbinger Wars II had any effect earlier this year, it was to show that Amanda McKee was an a-list character. Now we get to see her in action on her own in a big way as Livewire #1 is here.

The issue is brought to us by Vita Ayala, Raul Allen, Patricia Martin, and Saida Temofonte. It’s one of the most exciting superhero debuts I’ve read in a long time.

[**Spoilers ahead!]

Amanda is a woman on the run, still a fugitive given the events of the blackouts she caused. She tries to pull the Secret Weapons back together, but is rebuffed by her former charges. However, they later reconsider, but it’s too late, because Livewire is under attack!

Ayala’s story is sharp and fun. About halfway through the issue, I realized they were exploring a lot of the same themes of oppression and discrimination to be found  in the X-Men franchise, and it works. They use a lot of the themes set up for them in the past, but craft a whole new chapter for their protagonist.

The art team continues to do stunning work. Raul and Patricia really made a splash with Secret Weapons, and show they haven’t missed a beat here. They compose their pages really wonderfully, drawing the eye right to the action. Their action work and character work is equally great as well.

This is going to be a book a lot of people are going to be talking about in the near future, and it’s worth jumping in from the ground floor.

Livewire #1 is available now from Valiant Comics.

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