Spider-Geddon Becomes A Farce In Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #313

by James Ferguson

If you were wondering where Peter Parker has been while the Inheritors were invading Earth-616, look no further. Morlun broke away from the pack to try to get some revenge, hoping the third time was the charm when fighting Spider-Man. The battle has bounced through Central Park, leaving Parker beaten and bruised. The fight is not over yet and innocent people are about to be stuck in the middle.

Spider-Geddon has gone off the rails a bit in the main event book and some of the tie-ins have been a little lackluster. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #313 practically turns it into a parody. Morlun’s old timey outfit is destroyed, so he’s forced to grab whatever he can, which happens to be a purple Central Park Zoo t-shirt with a cartoon seal on it. So we have an Inheritor, who’s supposed to be one of the most deadly killing machines in this or any universe and he’s reduced to little more than a joke.

Conversely, Spider-Man is similarly torn up and his costume has gone the survivalist route. Artist Juan Frigeri makes this look pretty cool. The mask has been turned into a bandana, worn around the lower half of the face like a cowboy. Peter somehow has dark shapes around his eyes that mirror the shape of the white eyes of his mask. The fingers have been cut out of his gloves. If Spider-Man lived in the Savage Land, this might be what his costume would look like.

Writer Sean Ryan leans into the insanity of this fight. At one point Peter is fighting off Morlun as a bear lumbers towards him with the internal narration of “My life makes no sense.” That kind of sums this whole thing up. In the scheme of things, Morlun is little more than an animal, so it’s rather fitting that this fight is taking place in the zoo. For a highly skilled hunter, he’s pretty horrible at this. Granted, he’s full of rage at having tried and failed to take out this particular spider twice already.

The fight goes through various sections of the zoo during broad daylight. Colorist Jason Keith creates a nice contrast between the bright light of the day and the dark and gloomy Morlun. There’s a nice sequence where the Inheritor is stalking his way through the penguins and seabirds exhibit where the lights have been knocked out. The peaceful background of the penguins creates a juxtaposition against the violent madman making his way through the halls.

We get some dual narration in this issue as we’re treated to some snippets of internal dialogue from both Spider-Man and Morlun. They could not be more opposite. Letterer Travis Lanham uses the usual red boxes for Spidey’s thoughts and grey ones for Morlun. You have the light and the dark represented by these two forces.

It’s saying something that the OG Spider-Man didn’t make it into the big Spider-Man event book and it’s saying even more that the tie-in to said event isn’t even in the main Spidey book. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man is a bit of a farcical link to Spider-Geddon which is rather disappointing. It took the wind out of this epic encounter between two long time foes, reducing it to little more than a cartoon chase. Fortunately, the event is practically over so we’ll be moving on soon.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #313 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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