11 Bonus Characters We Want To See In Mortal Kombat 11

by Tito W. James

Ok, this is an obvious choice. Mortal Kombat has included Horror icons like Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorheese, Predator and Alien. Therefore, it  would make sense to use the most recent popular horror character, Pennywise. His ability to shape-shift and nasty rows of teeth would add a gruesome and darkly comedic character to MK’s roster.


Spawn has been teased as a bonus MK character for years. In a recent AMA on Reddit, Todd McFarlane was asked if Spawn would appear in MK 11, to which he replied, “[Spawn] could be on his way.” Spawn’s visually striking design combined with his diverse power-set make him perfect for a fighting game.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is a video game legend who has successfully made the transition into M-rated adventures. Now is the perfect time to bring Lara into MK’s gritty violent world. Her design could combine the new with the classic; keeping the gun-harness and the ruby-shades but adding the icepick. Lara could have a shootout with Cassie Cage or icepick Subzero in the eye.

The Shredder

The Ninja Turtles were playable characters in Injustice 2 so why not have the Shredder appear in MK 11? The Shredder is a character that could fit neatly into MK’s world of martial arts madness. Also, because Shredder’s a villain, he can be more brutal than any other Ninja Turtles character.

Rick and Morty

How do you add a humorous fighter without scaling back the gore? By adding Rick and Morty! Rick could teleport across the stage, summon alternate versions of himself from different dimensions, and use Morty as a hammer. NetherRealm Studios has experimented with combo characters like Ferra and Torr, so they could totally add Rick and Morty.

Ryu Hayabusa 

Ryu Hayabusa is one of the most recognizable ninjas in video game history. He has the standard stealthy abilities of the ninja, plus elemental mystic powers and weapons. It’s long overdue to have him cross swords with Scorpion and Subzero.

Red Miller

Red Miller is the protagonist from Mandy.  Red uses a variety of weapons including a crossbow, a chainsaw and a killer battle axe (seen above). Who doesn’t want to play as Nick Cage cutting through opponents to the tune of 80’s synth music?


The Matrix remains one of the most influential films in the last twenty years. Neo’s ability to fly, move faster than a bullet and manipulate reality itself would make him a formidable fighter. Neo also uses a wide range of weapons like poles, blades and guns… lots of guns.

Beatrix Kiddo

The iconic heroine of Kill Bill, has sliced through Yakuza and punched her way out of a coffin. She’s bloody, she’s badass, she’s perfect for MK. If Beatrix becomes a bonus character they need to include her theme song.

Tetsuo Shima

“Hey, it’s the arm guy from Akira.” Even if you’re not familiar with the seminal anime film, most people have seen some rendition of Tetsuo Shima. His psychic powers and mutating arm would be a technical marvel to bring to life in a video game.

Kingsmen Agent Galahad

Agent Galahad aka Harry Hart, is a slick gentleman spy that makes James Bond look like Austin Powers.  Galahad wields a bullet proof umbrella and a pistol with the firing power of a sawed off shotgun. Galahad is also well-versed in hand-to-hand combat and uses commonplace objects to kill his opponents. Galahad’s iconic weapons and hyper-violent fighting style would translate perfectly into MK.

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